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A New 6th Form College in Burslem's Old Town Hall

Burslem Old Town HallPotteries Heritage Society is supporting this initiative to create a new 6th Form College in Burslem’s Old Town Hall.


Our Society aims to “Promote the continuing use of the city’s historic buildings, supporting policies of repair and adaptation, rather than demolition”. The Old Town Hall is the centerpiece within a town that has the City’s greatest concentration of listed buildings and is in need of a sustainable use.

The project will also support the Society’s aim to “Preserve the unique character of Stoke-on-Trent by maintaining the individual identities of the Six Towns and surrounding communities which make up the City” by bringing more people to the town and creating more vibrancy in the daytime.

The town has a wealth of historic but underused buildings and we hope that this new initiative will help focus attention on the town and support further projects to enhance and utilise Burslem’s heritage, particularly for arts, science and community use.

The Society is proud to be supporting the bid and hope you will too.

Please follow this link to get further information and then sign, and share, the petition to show your support.