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Hanley (7/5)

Listed buildings in the area as at April 2010:

LB No Building Address Grade
46 A Municipal Offices & Courts Albion Square Hanley ST1 1QL II
45 A Bethesda Methodist Church Albion Street Hanley ST1 1QF II*
47 A War Memorial Outside Municipal Offices Albion Street Hanley   II
48 A Alexander House (Former Bethesda Methodist School) Bethesda St Hanley ST1 3DE II
44 A Heaths Wine Bar 1 Bethesda St/39 Albion St Hanley ST1 3DE II
49 A Cemetery Chapels Cemetery Road Hanley   II
54 A Cemetery Lodge (South) 1 Cemetery Road Hanley ST4 2DL II
55 A Cemetery Lodge (North) 2 Cemetery Road Hanley ST4 2DL II
50 A Pair Of Bottle Ovens At Johnson Brothers Pottery Eastwood Road Hanley ST1 3LN II
51 A Pottery Works (Formerly Occ. Dudson Brothers Ltd) Hanover Street Hanley   II
10054 A All Saints Church Leek Road, Joiners Square Hanley ST1 3HH II
60 A Bottle Oven And Enclosing Buildings Lichfield Street Hanley   II
52 A Bottle Oven At Falcon Pottery Occ J.H.Weatherby & Sons Old Town Road Hanley ST1 2LB II
52 B Falcon Pottery, Occ. J.H.Weatherby & Sons Old Town Road Hanley ST1 2LB II
10067 A The Golden Cup 65 Old Town Road Hanley ST1 2JS II
53 A Former Odeon Cinema Piccadilly Hanley ST1 1EN II*
56 A Post Office 25-31 Tontine Street Hanley ST1 1AA II
177 A The Tontines Shopping Centre Tontine Street Hanley ST1 1SB II
57 A Parish Church Of St John The Evangelist Town Road Hanley ST1 2JX II*
10011 A Canal Milepost At Lock No.37 Trent & Mersey Canal Hanley   II
58 A Telephone Buildings Trinity Street Hanley ST1 5ND II
59 A Chimneys Restaurant (Former Smithfield Pottery & Bottle Oven) Warner Street Hanley ST1 3DH II
10033 A St Luke's Church Of England Aided Primary School: Infant Building Wellington Road Hanley ST1 3QH II
1001328 A Hanley Park Cleveland Road Hanley ST1 4DX II*
1399864 A Church of the Sacred Heart and Boundary Walls Jasper Street Hanley ST1 3DA II